Chiropractic – a teenage perspective

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(Olivia Warwick in action)

It’s probably fair to assume that if asked to describe the average chiropractic patient, few of us would imagine a lithe teenaged dancer might fit the bill. More likely most would suggest a mature (read creaky and middle-aged) adult in need or adjustment or an athlete-in-training.

In fact, 17 year-old Londoner Olivia Warwick confounds that theory: the keen dancer has been a patient of chiropractor Francesca Minischetti for a year and attributes her durability to the treatment she receives here at the Clinic..

“Chiropractic makes me feel 100 times better.” says Olivia, “When I’m injured from dancing or have pulled something out of place – once I’ve seen Francesca, the next day I’m back in action and able to do everything.”

Olivia, who is studying personal training at College has been dancing for 9 years. She trains in Disco freestyle with Stephanie Taylor at London base and is so dedicated and ambitious that she’s aiming for a career in dance.

She says: “I have a treatment about once every 2-6 weeks – it depends on whether my back is hurting or I feel there’s a problem. The Clinic’s great because it’s so calm and relaxed plus Francesca really makes me feel comfortable.”

So what would Olivia say to other young people like her about the benefits of chiropractic: “I’d recommend in 100% because it can very quickly help when something’s gone wrong,” she says, “and also because it’s helped me to understand my body better and to know when something is wrong.”