Saluting new horizons: Therapist Tim goes yogi

Tim thumb funExperienced and ever popular team member Tim Harwood is extending his already considerable professional repertoire: the massage therapist – whose areas of expertise include sports and remedial massage, reiki, meditation and myofascial release – is undertaking yoga teacher training with the renowned Anne-Marie Zulkahari of the London Yoga Teacher Training Group.

Tim started the two-year course last October and is looking to qualify by October 2017.

He says: “I am learning in the style of yoga inspired by Vanda *Scaravelli as this feels like it complements the way that I work, particularly with myofascial release.  I’m also taking a course soon on myofascial release for movement therapists which in turn will have an impact on my teaching approach.”

During this phase of his training Tim is running a small class suitable for beginners. Through use of simple yoga poses the class will be aimed at encouraging people to reconnect with their bodies and the way that they move. There will be no inversions for now, and until Tim progresses further in his training the class won’t be suitable for pregnant women or those with a serious health condition (give us a call at reception if you have questions).

Says Tim: “Yoga has been a part of my life since I was very young. I began practising ‘seriously’ 5 years ago with Bridget Thornborrow and particularly love the body awareness that the Scaravelli style encourages.

“As a therapist, providing rehabilitation post injury is a key part of my job and I’m increasingly observing that people need not only to move more, but to be reintroduced to their bodies in a very supportive way. This style of yoga very much fits that approach: most clients need exercises and stretches to keep themselves out of pain  and this training will enable me to confidently introduce rehabilitation exercises and programmes to enhance that support.

Tim goes on to say:  “Whilst I am training, there will be no fixed charge to attend my Monday yoga class. Instead it’s being run as a Karma class: i.e people pay what they consider the class is worth, in cash, to reception. All the money we collect will be given to charity, at the moment this will be *Wateraid.”

Tim’s Monday yoga class for beginners runs from 12.15 – 13.00 immediately preceding his meditation class in Studio 2 of Clerkenwellbeing (above the Goswell Road Clinic).


*Scaravelli inspired yoga is a gentle yet demanding style of Hatha yoga whose focus is on working with gravity, strengthening the core and extending the spine.

*Wateraid works in 37 countries across the world to improve access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.