with Jeni Howland
10am – 1pm Saturday 23rd September

In this creative AROMA YOGA workshop we will celebrate and honour the upcoming Equinox, the moment of balance when day is equal hours to night.

We will then discuss what the Equinox means and look retrospectively at the past 3 months of Summer post-Solstice. We will think about this period in light of the Eclipses, what this has meant for each of us personally, how to integrate these experiences in to our present understanding and set seeds of intention for what we want to do with this knowledge for the future.

You will have the opportunity to better understand and communicate with the natural rhythms of the year, through meditation, physical yoga practice, contemplation and discussion and, of course, with the assistance of powerful and enriching doTERRA Essential Oils of which free samples will be given out.

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