Cranio-sacral therapy

What is Cranio-sacral therapy?

Cranio-sacral therapy is a powerful, yet gentle and non-invasive form of hands-on therapy that seeks to stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism and restore vitality.

Initially developed by Dr Upledger, an internationally acclaimed osteopathic physician in the 1970s, cranio-sacral therapy observes the cranio-sacral rhythm which is created by the cranio-sacral system: the membranes that surround and support the brain and spinal cord.

In areas within the body where this rhythm is reduced or abrupt, this can indicate places of restriction. These restrictions can cause the proper flow of fluids around the brain, spine and rest of the body to be inhibited. Cranio-sacral therapy seeks to alleviate these restrictions.


What is cranio-sacral therapy suitable for?

Patients find Cranio-sacral therapy can aid with a wide range of issues associated with discomfort, pain and dysfunction.


What does treatment entail?

Cranio-sacral therapy is very gentle as the cranio-sacral system and its motion are subtle. A practitioner of the therapy uses a light touch, placing their hands on the body from the head to the sacrum (bone at the base of the spine), as well as the limbs. This enables them to tune in to the body’s subtle rhythms. By holding the light touch and waiting patiently, the tissues of the body begin to unwind and release their restrictions, enabling fluid to flow around the body as it should. Often the location of touch can have an impact on distant parts of the body.

Treatment is conducted while a patient is fully clothed and they can also be covered with a blanket if this is their preference. The cranio-sacral session can be silent or the therapist and the patient can talk. The choice always rests with the client.


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