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Welcome to Clerkenwell Islington Clinics for hypnotherapy Clerkenwell in EC1. Our Hypnotherapist is Kelly Anne Buckley

What is Hypnotherapy?

Sometimes people associate hypnosis with stage shows, clucking like a chicken or dancing like Michael Jackson.  In fact, the hypnotic state is something we all experience everyday of our lives.  It’s the state of focused attention when you’re so deeply absorbed in a good book or film, that someone can call your name several times before you realise they are talking to you.

With training and practice you can intentionally enter this state and use it to make changes to your automatic feelings, thoughts and behaviours, reducing your reliance on that fickle thing called will power!

In the hypnotic state we allow the conscious mind, the part that thinks it is in charge, to quieten down and step aside, permitting access to the deeper part of you.  That part is called the unconscious mind or the body mind.  It’s the part that beats your heart, that breathes you, that regulates your temperature.  The unconscious mind is like a super computer.  It has filed away all the things you learned from all of your past experiences.  Some of those learnings serve you and have created the success you have achieved to date in your life, and some of those learnings are probably outdated.  Most of our learnings come from when we were very young.  As children, our minds are like sponges soaking in the entire environment in which we are immersed.  As we get older we may realise consciously that there are ways to live other than what we experienced in our childhood, yet we still find ourselves behaving in the way we learned back then.  Using hypnosis we can update those learnings to something that better serves you in the present.

The conscious mind is only responsible for about 5% of our mental processing, so why not use the 80/20 rule?  Lets go for creating the most amount of change with the least amount of effort.

For more information see: kellyannebuckley.com

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