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Myofascial Release in Clerkenwell

Myofascial Release is a form of bodywork that focuses on removing restrictions in the body’s soft tissue. The fascial network surrounds, supports and helps to define the muscles and other parts of the body, and has its own ability to contract and adhere after injury. It forms a three dimensional network that extends in a continuous web throughout the body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and working on one area can have far reaching effects. It is an approach on working with scar tissue, restrictions and adhesions throughout the fascial network of the body.

The body will slowly contract the fascial network to support your habitual posture, whether from sitting or standing badly, chronic tension or the position you adopt whilst sleeping or watching TV. The Myofascial Release approach works with these same processes to help to restore the freedom of movement within the body.

Scar tissue formed after an injury or surgical procedure can act as a point of tension that pulls throughout the body and can have far reaching effects, for example abdominal surgery can create scar tissue that sets up lines of tension that can contribute to low back pain, and impact through the body to reduction of the range of movement in the shoulder, or a twisted ankle from many years ago might still be pulling on the network to contribute to a neck ache.

A Myofascial Release session uses long sustained pressure to engage the fascia and encourage it to relax, break down adhesions and return to its full potential. Myofascial techniques are gentle and safe and are highly effective in reducing pain and restoring motion, structural balance and optimal function. Myofascial Release techniques are usually performed skin on skin and without any form of lotion so that the therapist’s hands connect to the deeper layers of fascia and do not slip on the skin.

You should not apply any moisturisers or body lotions on the day of a Myofascial Release treatment for the same reason.

The Myofascial Release approach has a number of additional areas that can be worked on to relieve specific issues. Your therapist will explain more about what these involve and whether these are suitable for you during your treatment.

TMJ restrictions

Dental work and habitually grinding your teeth (bruxism) can lead to tension and restrictions within the muscles that work on the Tempro-Mandibular Joint (TMJ). Some of the side effects of this can be facial pain (particularly around the eyes and the sinuses) or headaches. It is possible that tension in these joints can act as a holding pattern for pelvic imbalances and low back pain, so that working inside the mouth can release tension along the whole length of the spine.

Breast Health

Myofascial release for breast health may be used for clients suffering from pain, discomfort and tension in the breast area and can be used on both female and male clients. The techniques offered are ideal for clients who have had breast cancer, breast surgery, augmentation, reconstruction or treatment but are also excellent techniques to use with anyone who have tender and painful breasts during the menstrual cycle as well as those who require to attend mammogram appointments with their healthcare provider. Many people don’t know that they can help get pain relief by working with their scar tissue.

Appointment lengths

60 minute Myofascial Release (Elisha & Tim)

90 minute Myofascial Release (Elisha & Tim)

120 minute Myofascial Release (Elisha & Tim)

Fascial Facial

In The East, it is an ancient belief that even the most attractively shaped face cannot be beautiful if the person is not well – the radiant glow of true health is what is necessary. Natural beauty arises if the three factors of physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing are brought into harmony. Non-invasive and natural facial treatments are fast becoming popular amongst those looking stay clear of the plethora of modern chemical treatments available on the market.

What can facial treatments help with?

The benefits of working the neck and face bring not only relaxation and a sense of wellbeing, but also aim to have a positive effect on tissue texture and skin tone, giving a feeling of softness, brightness and openness to the neck and face by:

– Encouraging adhesions and fascial restrictions to be released and smoothed

– improving local circulation and nutrient exchange

– promoting the body’s self correcting and innate healing mechanisms

– Allowing a chemical reaction to take place within the tissues, encouraging (as far as is possible) the tissue towards its starting shape.

What to expect?

The Fascial Facial – is a holistic facial treatment to the face and neck using a specialised soft tissue technique called Myofascial Release. This effective technique works by applying gentle sustained pressure to the connective tissue (fascia) to relieve tension and restrictions.   

Myofascial Release is a technique that requires skin to skin contact and uses no lotions whilst it is being performed. You will be required to remove any makeup or moisturisers before the treatment. Please note that if you have not done this before the start of the session you will be asked to remove your makeup and the time it takes to do this will be considered part of your treatment session.  

Facial  Rejuvenation – is a holistic facial massage treatment to the face, neck, shoulders and scalp which combines elements of the ancient arts of Amna (acupressure points) with traditional facial massage, Indian head massage and lymphatic drainage to relieve tension and restore equilibrium.

60 minute Fascial Facial (Elisha & Katrina)

Whilst one treatment is great for relaxation and rejuvenation; a course of regular treatments is recommended to achieve maximum benefit.