Somatic Movement

What is Somatic Movement Education?

Somatic Movement Education (SME) is a science-based method of body-movement under-pinned by neuro-muscular reprogramming. Put simply…it is a series of gentle, yet profound exercises that affect the ‘un-learning’ of patterns that are causing us problems so we may correct, and ‘refresh’ faulty movements. It is supremely effective in achieving this: 93% of people have reported an end to even long-term pain after as little as five sessions.

SME is relatively new to the UK but is well-recognised and established in the US. Its exercises are simple movement patterns: you will learn how to consciously tighten affected muscles to focus the brain into the tension that’s already present. You will then learn to slowly, actively lengthen those muscles into a state of complete relaxation. This resets the muscle length. The process is controlled by you, and your brain re-learns muscular movement to correct damaging movement patterns.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, stress, or a sports related injury, the basic programme is the same. An initial 60-minute assessment, plus between three and six review sessions are all that is required to resolve most problems barring scoliosis and extreme trauma.

We will train you to recognise the root cause of your muscular tension 
and arm you with the skills to fix it yourself.

Fix it for Life

Pain and restricted movement from muscular tension cannot be permanently 
”fixed” from the outside.   For a lasting change, the “fix” must occur from within.  
 Somatic Movement Education guides and assists the client through 
this process.

The goal of the process is for the client to become self-sufficient and 
independent of the need for further therapeutic treatment.   The client is further 
supported through their self practice and continues to progress through regular classes in somatics.

What distinguishes SME from other approaches is the use of “The Pandicular
 response” (or “whole-body yawn”) an action pattern done instinctively by all 

  • Clients learn to reset muscle length at the brain level and regain voluntary control of habitually contracted muscles for pain relief and increased mobility.
  • Somatics focuses on Full Body Patterns of muscular contraction, rather than just focusing on one area of pain.   Tightness in the center of the body translates to tightness in the periphery (hip, knee, foot, neck).

hour long session of simple guided movements is designed to focus the brain
on areas of pain and unconscious tension.   Once our clients become aware of
the root cause of their problem, we develop a personalised programme for
them.  Crucially, the self-maintenance practice teaches clients to regain control
over their muscles, enabling them to relax those muscles at will.

There is no typical client for Somatic Movement Education: ranging from 16 to
 75-year-olds, from pro sports to weekend warriors from desk jobbers to dancers.

The benefits included:

  • Long term pain relief from a host of common conditions
  • Life long skills that teach you how to regain voluntary control of habitually tight muscles
  • Greater physical independence and mastery of your movement
  • Increased flexibility, coordination, stress relief, balance and proprioception
  • A safe, easy and common sense alternative to drugs, and surgery

Somatics is profoundly effective at relieving the chronic aches and disability commonly associated with such complaints as:

  • headaches
  • painful joints and muscles
  • neck, shoulder and back pain
  • sciatica
  • hip, knee and foot pain
  • repetitive use injuries
  • poor posture
  • accident traumas and whiplash
  • breathing problems
  • frozen shoulder syndrome