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Lindsay is a highly experienced practitioner providing psychoanalytic psychotherapy to clients at our Goswell Road Clinic.

His method – based upon the developments made by psychoanalytic practitioners from Freud till the present day – is to explore the unconscious mind, and via a gradual and fundamental process discover elements that from infancy, early childhood and adolescence can cause inhibition and unhappiness in later life.

This process occurs within the security of the containing relationship with Lindsay, and in the comfortable surrounds of the Clinic’s therapy room.

Psychotherapy offers help to those suffering from depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, poor sense of identity, sexual conflicts, and other difficulties that undermine the potential for living a fulfilling life.

Lindsay brings with him a wealth of experience in delivering psychotherapeutic help: he was amongst the first cohort of students to train at the Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapists (AGIP); he has worked in private practice for over 30 years; and he has been both teacher and supervisor to trainee and qualified psychotherapists.

During an initial consultation with Lindsay you will have the opportunity to examine and discuss your reasons for seeking help before making a decision about continuing to see him on a regular basis.

Sessions last for fifty minutes and are normally scheduled to take place once a week – occasionally more frequently – and are kept to the same regular appointment times.

Lindsay Wells is a Member of AGIP; Member Emeritus AIP; Member of the College of Psychoanalysts UK and is Registered with The UK Council for Psychotherapists.

He can be contacted by phone on 07710 892 831 or by e-mail at