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Therapeutic, Deep, Pregnancy & Onsite Massage & Reflexologist

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Elisha trained at the London College of Massage, the London School of Reflexology and Myofascial Release UK as well as doing numerous workshops and courses to update skills and techniques. 

Elisha is constantly learning new therapies and techniques, the most recent one being Myofascial Release, which is a form of bodywork that focuses on removing restrictions in the body’s soft tissue and reducing pain. 

Elisha treats a variety of clients from sportsmen and musicians through to office professionals who spend hours sitting in front of a computer for a living as well as post surgery and pregnant women.

From an early age Elisha became interested in Massage and Body work. As a child she suffered from back pain so from as young as 12 years old she began having Chiropractic and Osteopathic treatments. As she got older she discovered massage and found this a great therapy for muscle pain relief and general well-being.

Before becoming a Massage Therapist Elisha had an office job where she would sit behind a computer for hours on end every day and found the one thing that really helped her neck and back pain was regular massage. From here she started getting more and more interested in massage therapy as a profession, and so she decided to study and become a Massage Therapist.

Elisha has also learned Pregnancy Massage. She really loves this work, developing a relationship with an expectant mother and helping them through the whole pregnancy. Elisha has clients who are on their second and third pregnancies with her as their therapist. They have treatments right through the pregnancy and after the baby is born.

From here Elisha became interested in Reflexology which is a non-intrusive therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas and organs of the body. She finds it a fascinating therapy and how powerful a reflexolgy session can be.

Elisha tailors every massage to her Client’s specific, individual needs. She will ask the client what their problem areas are and what the client’s end goal is from the treatment. Depending on what the client needs she will either work on specific problems or holistically for general health and well-being.

Elisha really loves doing Massage, Reflexology and Myofascial Release and finds it very satisfying when she can help someone with their pain relief and general wellbeing.


As a marathon runner in my fifties, massage has become a vital component in keeping me injury free and Elisha has played an important role in my success in completing many races over the years. She does not have a ‘one fits all’ policy but listens and tailors her massage according to one’s individual needs. She works on specific problem areas, gives sound advice, encouragement and practical help. I think that I have been through so many ‘up’s’ and ‘downs’ with her that I have come to count her as a friend. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a massage therapist. Her method is not a mere ‘pampering’ tool but absolutely essential in keeping me on the road and helping me to be the athlete I want to be. 

Oonagh Wohanka

I’ve been having massage therapy with Elisha for over six years now and can only sing praises for her professionalism and treatment capability. During a particular difficult year of severe chronic back pain, Elisha connected with both my Osteopath and Pain Specialist to ensure that the correct complementary treatments were given. This was incredibly helpful considering the emotional strain of dealing with chronic pain. Elisha still continues to assess the muscular condition of my back at each treatment and is always forthcoming with tips or relevant lifestyle changes to ensure a healthy mind and body. I would highly recommend Elisha to anyone requiring massage or reflexology therapy.

Carolyn Mackintosh

My wife and I have been clients of Elisha for over 2 years. Apart from her professional abilities, she is utterly reliable and a pleasure to have in our home.

Bruce Bossom

Elisha is a wonderful massage therapist who is incredibly professional, very reliable, knowledgeable in her field, always positive and incredibly kind. Her treatments leave me in high spirits, and I would recommend her to everyone that I know. She helped me relieve my RSI pains in my shoulders, neck and arms, and I will always be eternally grateful to her! Did I also mention that she’s a wonderful human being? You can’t help but love her! 

Dana Landman

Elisha is the only person in all the years that has actually managed to help my back pain. So much so, I had no qualms about recommending her to my employers. We all now look forward to seeing her monthly. She’s multi-talented in that she can massage you differently depending on the problem or mood – not a one trick pony. In case you can’t tell, I highly recommend her… 

Sumaia Migou