Samantha Briggs

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Massage Therapist

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Sam Briggs is a body work therapist who qualified in 1993 in Sports Therapy; Aromatherapy; Heat treatment, and Electrical Treatment.

Discovering a passion and an aptitude for martial arts as a youngster gained Sam a 2nd degree in shukokai Karate, a 1st degree Shotokan, and saw her compete at national and international levels where she won a number of medals.  She is also a qualified Weight Training Coach and Inductor.  This background – as both practising martial artist and referee / coach – has equipped Sam with an acute understanding of and appreciation for body mechanics that enables her to identify structural issues in the body simply by observing movement.

Fundamentally her work is about balance – she works holistically, treating the whole of the body – and her speciality is problem areas, avoiding them and seeking solutions to them via a combination of tools including massage; structural/positioning work, and the application of rock tape. She is not, however, interested in the quick fix, preferring instead an approach that has clients undertake ‘homework’ i.e stretches and exercises that she will prescribe between appointments to enhance the treatment she delivers. In essence therefore her work amounts to a collaboration between client and practitioner towards achieving improved performance and well-being.

Unsurprisingly, many of Sam’s clients are professional and amateur athletes. She works closely with our Chiropractors here at the Clinic; the combined approach of their work and hers is particularly effective in treating the kinds of people she sees, among them marathon runners – 3 of whom have recently completed the Paris, Boston and London marathons respectively – and competitive body-builders.

Sam herself is still involved in the world of competitive martial arts – in refereeing, judging and arbitration. In the future she aspires to running her own dojo – karate hall – incorporating treatment rooms and a gym, where martial artists can practise their art; repair their injuries, and enhance their performance under a single roof. For now though, Sam’s working her magic out of our Islington Clinic on Prebend Street.

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