Francesca Minischetti BSc M(Chiro)DC

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Growing up in Rome among a family of medics, Francesca developed an early interest in health-care, piqued further by a visit she made aged 18 to the USA: “I spent a summer at camp at a Chiropractic College and by the time I returned home I knew what I wanted to be,” she said. She went on to train in Italy and the UK and graduated from The Anglo European Chiropractic College, Bournemouth with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic in 2001.

Following her first professional role, in Manchester, Francesca returned to Rome for a period where she established her own clinic and nurtured an interest in TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), working closely with Dentists – including her own father – to achieve Chiropractic solutions to the condition.

Keen to broaden her skills and learn new techniques she then came to London – and Harley Street – but continued to commute and work regularly between the UK and Italy for 4 years.

It is as a Director of Islington and Clerkenwell Chiropractic Clinic, her professional home since 2007, that Francesca has been able to finally fulfill her joint ambitions: to personally provide first-class Chiropractic care to meet a range of health needs, and drive a multi-disciplinary clinic that delivers expert patient care and promotes sustained well-being. The Clinics’ sister business; ‘Clerkenwellbeing,’ shares the Goswell Road address and provides excellent studio facilities plus tuition in yoga and Pilates alongside the traditional therapeutic approaches to health-care delivered by the Clinic.

Francesca’s vision is a clear one: “In time I’d like to see the Clinic grow further,” she says, “and to bring on board other like-minded practitioners who can expand our resources and community.”

Meanwhile Francesca herself treats a number of spinal and health problems and is skilled in a range of Chiropractic techniques. She has a particular interest in treating pregnant women and babies as well as TMJ disorders and dental issues: “What’s great about Chiropractic,” she says, “is that pretty much anyone can benefit; it can treat entire families, young and old.

“It’s also extremely effective both in terms of achieving results – which it can do fairly quickly – and as an ongoing approach to supporting well-being and long-term health maintenance.”

Francesca operates at both the Goswell Road and Prebend Street Clinics. To book an appointment call 020 7490 4042.


I have been receiving chiropractic care at Clerkenwellbeing and Islington Clinic with Francesca Minischetti BSc M(chiro)DC for many months.

As a performance coach and enjoying good health,  I maintain the highest attainable health for myself, in relationship to movement in particular. Because of this,  I requested a line of treatment for improved health from Dr. Minischetti.

I look for  what specific principles underly and govern health in chiropractics, what the required steps are, what knowledge and creativity go with the necessary steps to reach this goal (of highest attainable health.)

Understanding and expertise, in combination with excellent and skilled manual techniques, plus being able to articulate, if asked, is what describes to me the experience of a competent professional who would have a significant beneficial impact on my health.

Traveling a lot, I often fall asleep while sitting (something I don’t recommend you do, but…) the subsequent neck pain that has been bugging me for years has recently disappeared for good. At the same time,  I’ld like to state that the quality of my handstands and the flexibility of my spine for backbends continue to improve.

Because this noticeably contributes to the quality of  my life, I am very grateful how Dr. Minischetti took up my request for improving my movement health. I recommend Dr. Minischetti as being a highly qualified professional.

She is  part of the small minority of experts who clearly know how they get their results and effects, within a paradigm that is not about ill or healthy but where the diagnosis is made and the treatment applied within a salutogenic approach (i.e. coming from an understanding of a continuum between illness–ailments–health–best possible health), AND, how she can be of service to assist her client in the most effective way towards best possible health.

Ulf Tölle MPH*
Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique
*Master of Public Health

I saw Francesca for Chiropractic for my back and shoulder spasms while excercising, and I’m substantially better after one session – I can walk straight again!  My experience of working with Francesca was very positive

Tom Elliot, Islington, Economist

I was apprehensive about chiropractic work – part nerves and part doubt, but within a week of starting the treatment with Francesca, the pain in my neck and shoulders had eased and I could move much more freely.  A few months later, it had lifted completely.  I now sleep better, have no headaches and have stopped begging my mates for massages! In our busy lives it is hard to stop and take stock of how we are.  But this was the best thing I did for myself in a long time.  I would recommend Francesca and the clinic to anyone seeking a simple, non-invasive, painless treatment to sort out those knots and pain.

Libby Powell

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