12 Tips for a Healthy Happy Christmas!

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As much as we love Christmas, sometimes just surviving it can feel like a battle! Keep in mind our quick tips below and you should reach January Healthy, Happy and still talking to your family!
1. Carry with care!

We all love giving presents, but bags stuffed with presents can be deceptively heavy especially when you are carrying them from shop to shop. Remember to  keep the weight of the bags balanced between your arms or better yet why not take a rucksack out with you?! If you do injure yourself over the festive period, just give us a call and book in with one of our Chiropractors – they will have you on the mend by the New Year!

2. Hydration is key!

Hydration is essential to keep your body working to its best, and is a great way to avoid a hangover. At parties try to alternate an alcoholic beverage with a fruit juice or water. It’s harder in cold weather to make sure you are drinking enough water, so why not try herbal teas or some hot water with a slice of lemon in it as a refreshing but warmer alternative.

3. Beware high heights!

Christmas is the perfect time of year to break out your favourite high heels, with all the parties to go to, but beware! They can put your body under strain. Try alternating heights of shoes if you are going to a few parties in a week and make sure you don’t wear them during the day before a big night. If your feet feel battered and bruised in the new year why not pop in to see our podiatrist and she will give you feet some TLC.

4.Take the stride

Exercise is a fantastic natural therapy that we can all use for free! Staying sat in front of the TV with the central heating on may feel like you are protecting yourself, but it is actually better to wrap yourself up and go for a refreshing walk. Nature can be stunning at this time of year and exercise will release endorphins that will calm you down and keep you happy!

5. Fight off colds and flu

As we all pack tightly on to public transport and our immune defenses are weaken due to the weather we are constantly under attack for all the nasty virus’ around. But Fight back with Homeopathy! An appointment with one of homeopaths will get you back on track for 2013.

6. Social Butterfly

Being around friends and loved is the ultimate mood booster and will make you feel happier and more optimistic as we head into the next year…Another great reason to unwind and have fun!

7. Veg it up.

Over eating comes with the territory at this time of year, with all the many delicious foods around. From Canapes to Turkey temptation lies around every Christmas tree but if you don’t want to end up having to work of a tummy like Santa’s in January remember to try and keep meals balanced and make room for those veggie sides which can be just as delicious as the mains! If you want some help though our nutritionists can help you make a food plan to keep you full of healthy, happy energy.

8. Just the one dear…

From Aunty Mavis with her Sherry to Champagne for Christmas breakfast everyone indulges in a  tipple over the jolly season, and a little of what you fancy won’t hurt! Just remember to give those livers some time to mend themselves by taking it easy and drinking water whilst you are having alcohol.

9. 1, 2, 3,4….

Stress can be a big problem during the holidays, with extra cooking, lots of expenses and don’t even mention the mother in law! Try saving money on decorations by foraging for pine cones, holly or even mistletoe (if you are lucky) and make sure while you are running around trying to keep everyone else happy that you take a moment for yourself too! If you do find it’s overwhelming you give us a call and have a chat about how Psychotherapy can help with stress and anxiety.

10. Don’t wait up for Santa!

Make sure you gt enough sleep over the festive season, 7-8 hours a night will make sure you can enjoy yourself, so maybe instead of a party, just curl up with a book for a night. If you are struggling to sleep pop in nd chat to one of our Acupuncturists about how they can help.

11. Sore head?

Headaches can happen for a number of reasons, and whether you had one too many, put your neck out watching a Christmas movie on the sofa or the kids just won’t calm down, they can turn a great day into a nightmare! Help is at hand though! We are open over the festive period and our fantastic massage therapists can help smooth tired muscles and unwind busy minds.

12. Just Breath!