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Carolyn grew up in Perth, Western Australia and graduated from Murdoch University in 2011 where she completed the double bachelor degree to become a Chiropractor. After graduating she moved to London and has been working as a chiropractor ever since.

Carolyn’s involvement in various community placements, has included a charity trip to Siliguri, India where she provided care to the local village people alongside Australia’s leading chiropractors.

“During my time in India,” she said, “I gained extensive experience in working with a variety of complex health conditions as well as seeing what a difference chiropractic care could make in the lives of the people there.”

A devotee of chiropractic long before she came to study the subject, Carolyn has been under chiropractic care since childhood, ever since her father sought care for occupation related back pain and saw the benefits of having the whole family under chiropractic care.

Says Carolyn: “I had a real interest in health sciences and a desire to help people and after seeing the benefits of a natural preventative approach to health care, decided to become a chiropractor.”

“I have always tried to promote long term health care and not quick-fix or symptomatic relief only. I was introduced to CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics) as a technique and I would say that my focus is very much on the long term benefits of postural correction. My patients will all have their current pains and aches treated but will always be looking at how I can add value to their care by giving them tools (stretches, exercises, advice) to correct their posture and therefore have better health outcomes.

“Most of the cases I see tend to be the standard long term effects of poor posture and stress in the high paced office life of London, such as headache/migraines, neck ache, sometimes with referred pain into the person’s arm and fingers, lower back pain, sometimes with referred pain down the leg, etc. However I do tend to get a diversity of ailments as well and people are usually surprised with how much chiropractic care can help with some conditions that less commonly draw chiropractic to mind as the typical treatment.

“I feel so lucky that I get to work in a multidisciplinary company so that referral to the appropriate practitioner is done easily and interdisciplinary advice is also easily exchanged when tackling a challenging case. And the other chiropractors I work with are fantastic as well so whenever I am away I never am worried about the level of care my patients will receive as I know they are in good hands.”

Carolyn is registered with the United Chiropractic Association.