Urva Soni, Chi Kri Yoga Practitioner

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1. What style of yoga do you practice and what drew you to it?

“My yoga journey started many years ago when I was looking for physical activity after work. I tried various kinds of yoga classes and still felt that whilst I was strengthening my body and keeping fit, there was still something missing.”

“It wasn’t until I met Grandmaster Neil and embarked on my Chi Kri journey that I started to understand the true meaning and essence of yoga – learning how to still my mind and racing thoughts through meditation, and using the breath through pranayama.”

2. What do you believe are its main benefits?

“Chi Kri is a disciplined, strong and powerful yoga style. It is unique, incorporating the Raja Yoga system, in addition to elements such as creativity and expression.

“’Chi’, also known as ‘Qi’ or ‘Prana’, exists in the 5 elements of creation and in all the body of all human beings. ‘Chi’ exists in air, water, sunlight, food, even thought. ‘Kri’ simply means “to do”. It is a Sanskrit root verb and is the root of words such as “Kriya” meaning action.”

“When working and practicing all the limbs of Chi Kri yoga, you use the most potent energy you possess to keep your activities strong and pure.”

“Chi Kri Yoga is led by GrandMaster Neil Patel – one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers, with 22 years of experience. His mother, Tara Patel, is one of the most prolific yoga teachers in the UK and created the first ever televised BBC Yoga series, introducing the discipline to many people back in the seventies.”

3. What is the main pleasure you get from being a yoga teacher?

“Yoga has the power to peel back layers, brush off cobwebs, and reach the deep dark crevices of your mind and body.”

“Understanding metaphysics, the science behind our existence and utilising creativity without inhibition makes Chi Kri yoga a disciplined, unique and special practice for me.”

4. For somebody new to your class, what can they expect?

“As a Gold standard Chi Kri teacher I use my knowledge and training to help you stretch your body through a series of asanas and your mind through meditation and pranayama, to achieve a homogeneous state of calmness.”

“I hope to help you find that joie de vivre and soulful quality, coupled with that all important peace of mind.”

“My classes are tailored to suit all levels and capabilities, from beginners to the more advanced yogi.”


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