New Chiropractor Simarjit (Simar) Dhami Joins the team

From 6th July - We are open for the following:

Chiropractic – Prebend St clinic and Goswell Rd
Podiatry – Goswell Rd only
Acupuncture – Goswell Rd only

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Simar says……

3 Quick Tips to Avoid Poor Posture

1.) CARRY YOUR HEAD OVER YOUR SPINE: typically due to the nature of work and looking down at tablets or phones consistently many of us start developing ‘anterior head carriage’ which means you are carrying your head forward and consequently gravity can then add about 5kg of extra pressure on your spine!

TIP:  keep your ears over your shoulders *

2.) SHOULDER SLOUCH: try keeping your shoulders back by squeezing both shoulder blades in closer together and by stretching out your chest muscles!

TIP: ask your chiropractor for specific exercises for stretching your pectoral muscles and strengthening your back muscles! Regular exercise with a warm up reduces the risks of back pain and poor posture, especially when you include strength training.

3.) BAGGAGE: In London many of us are on the go constantly moving from one place to the other usually with a bag of some sort that can either be too heavy or an uneven weight that can add pressure onto your spine and effect your posture over time!

TIP: Try using a bag with two straps over your shoulder keeping the weight even with the straps adjusted so the bag is closer to your back!

Chiropractors are trained and educated to help improve posture using various techniques and rehab protocols to ensure a lasting change and will work with you to achieve your goals to maintain good posture and develop beneficial postural habits.

Or think about exploring our range of classes at our sister business Clerkenwellbeing at Goswell Rd – Where we have a fully equipped Pilates studio, and small yoga and mat Pilates classes to suit a range of different needs.

– Simar Dhami


To book an appointment with Simar– Call us on 0207 490 4042