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“I love coming to the centre. A place of calm in the middle of my hectic day at work. I attend Carolyn Fuest’s Wednesday class and she has been an absolute god send. I’m doing a two year yoga teacher training course and Carolyn’s classes and advice are proving invaluable on my journey. To me, she is the epitome of what a good yoga teacher should be.”
Clare Lewis


“I came to Juliet (Adela Burns, Acupuncturist) suffering with bad hormonal acne on my jaw and neck. I’d had it for 8-10 years and during that time had tried creams, pills and diets, but nothing worked. I came to Juliet because of her expertise in this area and honestly wished I’d come years ago.  I cannot get over the results: 2 months on and my acne has completely gone, as have the anger and pain I used to feel pre-period (all things I thought previously were normal). Not only have the results been outstanding, Juliet’s approach throughout has been calm, reassuring, supportive and professional.

“I highly recommend her!”

Samantha (Digital Manager)


I have been receiving chiropractic care at Clerkenwellbeing and Islington Clinic with Francesca Minischetti BSc M(chiro)DC for many months.

As a performance coach and enjoying good health,  I maintain the highest attainable health for myself, in relationship to movement in particular. Because of this,  I requested a line of treatment for improved health from Dr. Minischetti.

I look for  what specific principles underly and govern health in chiropractics, what the required steps are, what knowledge and creativity go with the necessary steps to reach this goal (of highest attainable health.)

Understanding and expertise, in combination with excellent and skilled manual techniques, plus being able to articulate, if asked, is what describes to me the experience of a competent professional who would have a significant beneficial impact on my health.

Traveling a lot, I often fall asleep while sitting (something I don’t recommend you do, but…) the subsequent neck pain that has been bugging me for years has recently disappeared for good. At the same time,  I’ld like to state that the quality of my handstands and the flexibility of my spine for backbends continue to improve.

Because this noticeably contributes to the quality of  my life, I am very grateful how Dr. Minischetti took up my request for improving my movement health. I recommend Dr. Minischetti as being a highly qualified professional.

She is  part of the small minority of experts who clearly know how they get their results and effects, within a paradigm that is not about ill or healthy but where the diagnosis is made and the treatment applied within a salutogenic approach (i.e. coming from an understanding of a continuum between illness–ailments–health–best possible health), AND, how she can be of service to assist her client in the most effective way towards best possible health.

Ulf Tölle MPH*
Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique
*Master of Public Health


I visited Jenny Hautman (Homeopath) to try and cure my hayfever. I get it incredibly severely from February/March through till mid summer and this year was worse than ever (not helped by the Saharan dust). Having never done it before I had heard mixed reviews of homeopathy. Whereas some swear by it, others are VERY cynical. I had got to the point where i had little other choice with conventional medicine and it was a cheaper option to acupuncture. It turns out it was a quicker more effective option as well. The results were incredible. I have now visited Jenny 3 times over the course of 3 months and my hayfever has completely stopped. In fact it was virtually gone after the first session but Jenny is a perfectionist and wanted to ensure the cure was long term. I don’t need to visit her any more and I shouldn’t have to next year either. I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone else who suffers from hayfever. Thank you Jenny.
Amy Pike, via Google


I was immobilised and barely able to walk – It turned out later, that I had fractured two vertebra in my spine. L1 and L2.  Alex Horne was quickly able to determine that I was in a critical situation and advised I have X-Rays immediately.  He was able to organise this very quickly and In hindsight, I am very grateful. Alex made a decision not to work on my back until the X-Ray results were understood and I dread to think what could have happened if his judgement had not been so immediate and accurate.

My experience is one of gratitude and as I am recovering, Alex has not only provided me with carefully planned Chiropractic work but also researched my situation in between sessions.  He has educated me about my spine and back, more so than the doctor or fracture specialist whom I have also had to see.  Unfortunately, Alex is NOT an Arsenal fan….but we can’t have everything can we 

Brendan Sloane, Accountant, Islington


I saw Charlotte Morgan for chronic stiffness in the neck and uppper back pain.  The outcome has been extremely good and has exceeded my epectations.  I now enjoy a level of flexibility and comfort I had not experienced for some years.  Charlotte is an exceptional practitioner in my view.  Having had various treatments both in Europe and the Far East, hers has exceeded all these in terms of a positive outcome, and has been more akin to having had a surgery   Cassian Garbett, Furniture Maker / Carpenter


I saw Francesca for Chiropractic for my back and shoulder spasms while excercising, and I’m substantially better after one session – I can walk straight again!  My experience of working with Francesca was very positive
Tom Elliot, Islington, Economist


I saw Juliet for 10 sessions of acupuncture after being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Despite doctors’ prognoses that my Bell’s Palsy may take months to heal, it was completely gone after 8 sessions, to the extent that my last sessions were spent receiving facial rejuvenation treatment on my whole face so that the healthy side looked as good as the formerly paralysed side! My sessions with Juliet also enabled me to relax fully and helped to address the underlying stresses that had caused my condition.  I’m happy for any one to contact me if they require a verbal reference
S.P (Accountant)


Following an operation for a fractured tibia plateau I suffered from acute nerve pain in my leg and foot. The pain was so intense it prevented me from sleeping. Finally someone recommended that I try acupuncture so I booked an appointment with Juliet. I didn’t expect miracles, and Juliet didn’t promise them, but after just one session the pain relief was immense. I went from sleepless nights writhing in agony to a pain-free existence. I am a total convert and would highly recommend Juliet
J.W (Art director)


The treatment received is as good as anywhere I have been in the country, and I continue to be completely satisfied with the service and won’t be looking anywhere else any time soon. Should you require any help, I would definitely recommend the services of Islington & Clerkenwell Chiropractic clinics. It appears they really do care about customer service. Something that is brimming through from the reception desk to the medical staff
David Stephenson


Charlotte Morgan is a master of her craft. That matters if, like me, you have Parkinson’s Disease. It is a disease that responds well to massage, acupuncture, exercise, and diet  – provided you know what you are about. Charlotte Morgan does.  She is one of the best therapists I have had. I have found her combination of careful listening, choice of therapy, and “thinking” hands has been effective in dealing with the latest “moves” made by the disease
Dr Dominick Jenkins


I was apprehensive about chiropractic work – part nerves and part doubt, but within a week of starting the treatment with Francesca, the pain in my neck and shoulders had eased and I could move much more freely. A few months later, it had lifted completely. I now sleep better, have no headaches and have stopped begging my mates for massages! In our busy lives it is hard to stop and take stock of how we are. But this was the best thing I did for myself in a long time. I would recommend Francesca and the clinic to anyone seeking a simple, non-invasive, painless treatment to sort out those knots and pain.
Libby Powell


Initially, I visited the Islington & Clerkenwell Chiropractic Clinics to have treatment for lower back pain which I suffered with during pregnancy. Since then, my children have also received treatment for various problems. I can highly recommend the clinic as the reception staff are always polite, friendly and helpful. Also the Chiropractors have consistently provided us with a high level of care.
A Burn


What a great discovery! I put my back out some years ago following a cycling incident and after physio and exercises with little success a friend suggested a Chiropractor might help. The people at Islington & Clerkenwell Chiropractic Clinics were friendly and reassuring, after one treatment there was immediate benefit from pain relief and following a period of regular treatment  I now feel great, even started to run again, and I haven’t done that in a long time. Thank you!
M P Rands


In the time I’ve been coming to the Islington and Clerkenwell Chiropractic Clinics I’ve come to look forward to my visits not only because of the welcome and the always friendly atmosphere, but also because I know I’m in the best hands possible to treat my condition. It might be going a bit far to say that James, Brenda and the team put the pleasure back into back pain, but they certainly do their level best.


On the first visit James took the time to explain to me what had happened that had caused the problem and thoroughly checked me all over and then started me on a program of care which left me feeling the best I have felt for years. About 3 months ago I hurt my back again and was in agony. I couldn’t even walk the dog so off I went to see James with the hope he may be able to help. I was only with him for a short while but somehow he managed to straighten me out and I was back on my feet walking properly within minutes. The relief was fantastic!
R Phillips


After seeing the podiatrist the difference in my running was immediately felt. Not only was I able to train again I was able to run pain free. Most importantly I have managed to continue to run pain free.


A few months ago I was waking up with a very painful foot I ignored it at first thinking it would disappear but after 6 weeks I consulted my GP who recommended I take painkillers but after two weeks of this my foot was no better. This is when I discovered the clinic. It was diagnosed as planar fasciitis and I was put on a treatment plan of orthotics/insoles, cold therapy and stretching I could feel the difference in my feet almost immediately.
J. Danbrook


I have suffered from hard skin for years I thought it was normal to get hard skin on the souls of your feet as you get older. I used to see a chiropodist to have the hard skin taken down every 4 weeks as it would become painful. However, it wasn’t until I came to the Islington & Clerkenwell Chiropractic clinics to see the chiropodist/podiatrist that I realized that it wasn’t just hard skin it was a family of verrucaes. Since the diagnoses I have had a series of treatments which has got rid of the verrucae and I now no longer get hard skin in those areas and my feet feel much better.
Rania Raza


I came to Juliet suffering with bad hormonal acne on my jaw and neck. I’d had it for 8-10 years and tried creams, pills and diets but nothing worked. I came to her due to her expertise in this area and I honestly wished I come years ago. I cannot get over the results – two months on my acne has completely gone and the anger and pain which I felt pre-period (all things that I thought were normal) have also disappeared too. Not only are the results astounding, Juliet’s approach throughout has been calm, reassuring, supportive and professional. Highly recommend her!

S.E (Digital Manager)